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Lonavala (Pune); Leading News Service: Due to increasing intensity of rain in Lonavala and Maval taluka, flood situation may arise. Tehsildar Vikram Deshmukh of Maval has given instructions to the officials to immediately conduct a Panchnama in case of fall of trees, fall of houses, damage to agricultural crops.

Heavy rain has been going on in Lonavala and the surrounding area for the past few days. Moreover, the Meteorological Department has warned of heavy rains in the next few days. In this background, Tehsildar Vikram Deshmukh of Maval visited eight villages in Maval taluka out of 23 villages declared as dangerous villages in the district by the Pune district administration. Also, inspected the dangerous part of the place.

Instructions to authorities to send information about dangerous villages

At-risk villages include Tungi and Bhushi villages in Maval taluka. Looking at the rain situation in the taluk, MP Srirang Barne had written a letter to the Collector regarding taking urgent measures before an accident occurs. After this letter, the administration, in a rude awakening, has started reviewing the situation of the villages declared as dangerous.

Tehsildar Vikram Deshmukh has sent a letter to Lonavla, Talegaon Nagar Parishad and Vadgaon Nagar Panchayat officials along with the Construction Department, General Distribution, Revenue Department, Agriculture Department and instructed them to inspect their area and report the dangerous areas to the Tehsil Office.

Officers should not leave their jurisdiction

Due to increasing intensity of rain in Lonavala and Maval taluka, flood situation may arise. Keeping this situation in mind all the government department officials in that area should not leave their area of ​​work. Also, Tehsildar has given instructions to be vigilant considering the danger. If light poles fall down due to rain and wind, wires are broken, immediate repairs are made, bridges are washed away due to rain, roads are worn out, and immediate measures have been taken.

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