NAMCHIN Plans Expansion into International Markets

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NAMCHIN, the prominent women’s wear brand legally known as Shringhar Creation, has announced ambitious plans to expand into international markets. This strategic move, revealed on June 1, 2024, marks a significant milestone for the Ahmedabad-based company, which was founded and is led by CEO Mehul Lalwani.

NAMCHIN has made a name for itself by delivering trendy, customer-centric women’s clothing. The decision to enter international markets reflects the brand’s strong domestic success and growing global demand for its products. Lalwani expressed his enthusiasm for the expansion, stating, “We are excited to bring NAMCHIN’s unique fashion offerings to a global audience. Our commitment to quality and style resonates with women everywhere, and we are ready to meet the international demand.”

The expansion strategy includes launching dedicated regional e-commerce platforms, collaborating with international fashion influencers, and establishing distribution partnerships to ensure a seamless shopping experience for customers worldwide. NAMCHIN aims to leverage its enhanced digital presence, which features a user-friendly interface and efficient customer service, to capture a broader market.

The brand plans to participate in major international fashion events and trade shows to increase visibility and connect with new audiences. This approach is expected to not only boost brand recognition but also foster direct engagement with fashion-forward consumers across different cultures.

NAMCHIN is poised to strengthen its position as a leading name in women’s fashion, delivering its signature blend of style and quality to women around the globe. This move underscores NAMCHIN’s vision of becoming a global fashion powerhouse while maintaining its core values of customer satisfaction and innovative design.


Jitendra Kumar

Jitendra Kumar is an Indian journalist and social activist from Hathras in Uttar Pradesh is known as the senior journalist and founder of Xpert Times Network Private Limited.

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