Nandurbar: Performance of Anti-Corruption Bureau: 3 consecutive convictions in 7 months, 4 jailed | leader

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There have been three consecutive convictions in the last seven months in the crime registered by the Anti-Corruption Bureau and so far a total of 4 accused have been sentenced to imprisonment. Shahada court has recently awarded two years imprisonment along with a fine of five thousand rupees to the then motor vehicle inspector i.e. RTO department inspector and assistant cashier who accepted a bribe of 4 thousand rupees to allow the container truck to pass through Ghavali border check post in Gujarat state.

Any government servant, semi-government servant or any private agent on their behalf who demands a bribe or reward in return for doing government work, if a complaint is made to the Anti-Corruption Bureau about such a government servant or a private person claiming to do work on their behalf, action will be taken against them by setting a bribery trap through the Anti-Corruption Bureau. A case is registered under the provisions of the Prevention of Corruption Act. After that, a charge sheet is filed in the court against the accused public servant or private individual and the case is started. Also, when the case against the accused is going on in the court, efforts are made to convict the accused by arguing through the government lawyers, and also through the plea officer / enforcer, the prosecution is also pursued to get the conviction in the specified crimes.

As a part of these efforts, Special Public Prosecutor Swarna Singh Girase represented the government side in the case of Anti-Corruption Bureau, Nandurbar Unit and successfully argued the side of the government side for conviction before the Additional Sessions Court and Special Court, District Judge C. Shahada. S. Dater’s court on the basis of testimony and evidence has been found guilty of bribery in 3 cases, 1 in the month of November-2022 and 1 in the month of January 2023 and 1 in the month of June-2023. Also, the court has convicted 4 accused and sentenced them to severe punishment. If any officer or employee in any government office or any private person is demanding bribe on their behalf, Anti Corruption Bureau, Deputy Superintendent of Police, Nandurbar, Rakesh Chaudhary, Police Inspector Saadhan Wagh, Police Inspector Madhavi Wagh and office phone no. (02564) 230009 and toll fee no. Rakesh Chaudhary, Deputy Superintendent of Police, Anti-Corruption Bureau, Nandurbar, has appealed to contact 1064.

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