Nashik: Baliraja looks to the sky as the antelope dries up, waiting for rain leader

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Nashik (Vani): Leader News Service

Baliraja in Dindori taluk along with the district is waiting for rain. But as there are no signs of rain, the farmer is worried. Agriculture has been cultivated. The expectation that rain will fall in Mrig Nakshatra did not come true. Mrig Nakshatra almost dried up. Soybean, groundnut, tomato seedling preparation, mung bean, urad, rice seedling preparation are many activities during this period. But as it is not raining yet, all these things are getting delayed.

As the month of June comes to an end, Baliraja is waiting for the rains like chatak. Deer Nakshatra rains are always present in Dindori taluka. But even after a few days of this Nakshatra, there is no sign of rain. Therefore, Baliraja’s eyes are on the sky.

Last year, there was heavy rain at the beginning of Kharif season. So a good kharif season was taken when almost 17233 hectares area was fixed. But this year the taluka agriculture department fixed kharif sowing area of ​​1800 hectares, but the farmers are worried due to erratic rainfall.

At present, all the dams in the taluka have almost reached the bottom. Therefore, when it was necessary for the Kharif season to rain initially, but since only rainy and cloudy weather has formed in the taluka and there is no rain, Baliraja has become worried. Pre-monsoon cultivation has been done. The material required for seeds has been collected.

Asmani crisis on Kharif season

Some nakshatras in monsoon are considered good for agriculture. It is believed that if Mriga Nakshatra rains, crop water will be good. But even if June comes to an end, as the rains have not yet appeared, does the Kharif season face a sky-high crisis or not? Such a picture is currently seen everywhere in the taluk.

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