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Pune : Leader News Service : ‘Sir, your purchase has been done… see… then how much to give… give willingly…’ a new fund has now been drawn by the sub-registrar of the land registry office in the city and Pimpri-Chinchwad city. Well this self happiness means at least ten thousand rupees. ! There are 27 document registration offices in the city and Pimpri-Chinchwad area. After the publication of a detailed report in the daily ‘Pudhari’ about the amount being taken unofficially for document registration in these offices, all the sub-registrar officers are shocked. With the boom of ‘Pudhari’, many people have invented a fund that gives you happiness after buying.

The registration and stamp duty department cannot deal with the purchase of one or two bundles under the act of Fragmentation Act. However, sub registrars continue to circumvent this rule and use many disguises to make purchase documents. As a result, once-in-a-lifetime homebuyers have to fulfill this sub-registrar’s ‘voluntarily’ compliance.
After the case of 10,000 bogus purchase documents came out in Pune city a year and a half ago, action was taken against 44 culprits in this case. After that, the work of unauthorized purchase of fertilizer was stopped for a few months.

Now, since the last few months, the amount of illegal purchases has increased again. At least 50 purchases are made every day in every registration office in the city. There will be some rules in it. However, behind every purchase, ‘swakhushi’ has to be paid. If we consider this matter, if we consider the number of documents in one document registration office plus ten thousand rupees, this amount reaches around five lakhs. That means at least 1 crore 35 thousand rupees are being collected daily (illegally) from 27 offices. According to the information provided by the sources, the illegal procurement of fertilizers continues in full swing.

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