Kopargaon: Shri Ganesh will cooperate with the factory: Deputy Chief Minister Fadnavis leader

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Kopargaon (Ahmednagar); Leading News Service: The Kolhe-Thorat alliance defeated the Vikhe faction in the constituency of Shree Ganesh Karkhana in Rahta taluka and won the election by a huge margin of 18-1. Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis has congratulated the newly elected Board of Directors for that. On this occasion, Chandrakantada Patil, former MLA Snehalata Kolhe and youth leader Vivek Kolhe, who played an important role in the election, were present.

Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis met with the newly appointed board of directors and congratulated all the directors. The BJP coalition government will always stand firmly with us by keeping a non-partisan stance while working in cooperation. Only the state was paying attention to this election, which was done with the noble intention that the factory of Kamdhenu of the farmers should survive. The Kolhe-Thorat alliance dealt a blow to Vikhe at their home ground. Due to this, this election has become the most discussed topic.

On this occasion, former chairman and current director of Ganesh Sahakari Sugar Factory, Adv. Narayanarao Carle, Dr. Eknath Gondkar, New Director Babasaheb Dange, Vijay Dandawate, Sampat Hinge, Anil Tilekar, Balasaheb Cholke, Madhukar Satav, Mahendra Gorde, Nanasaheb Nale, Sudhir Lahare, Anil Gadhave, Vishnupant Shelke, Sampatrao Chaudhary, Alesh Kapse, Arvind Fopse etc were present.

A pat of appreciation on Vivek Kolhe..!

Ganesh Factory, which was going through crisis for many years, respected the sentiments of the members and turned the public opinion in favor of Kolhe. During this meeting, Devendra Fadnavis patted Vivek Kolhe on the back and assured that he would fully support Shri Ganesh Factory in the future to run vigorously.

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