Nashik: Mileki killed when a container hit an Eicher parked on the road leader

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Mileki was killed and three others injured in an accident in Eicher when a vehicle carrying rice husk from Ghoti was hit by a container coming from behind. The accident took place on the flyover at Kannamwar Bridge on Tuesday morning.

Tarnam Afzal Shaikh (age 4) and Nathisa Afzal Shaikh (age 26) died in the accident, while the driver Afzal Roshan Ali Shaikh, Sabina Shaikh (5) and Zained Shaikh (1 year) were injured. All these people are residents of Ghoti.
Afzal Shaikh, a resident of Ghoti in Igatpuri, was on his way to Dhule in an Eicher vehicle (MH 04 FU 0671) carrying rice husk. His wife Nathisa, daughter Tarnam and Juned were five people with him. In the morning at the Kannamwar Bridge flyover, Sheikh stopped the four wheeler and the husband and wife got down and were tying a rope to the back of the vehicle. Their children were sitting in the vehicle. Meanwhile, the container (MH 43 BP 1033) coming from behind hit the vehicle standing on the road. Nathisa was crushed in it, while her husband fell on the road.

Tarnam, a girl who was sitting in the vehicle, fell down and suffered severe head injuries, while Sabina and Juned were injured. Container driver Mohammad Tahir Sheikh Wadala was injured in this accident. In this regard, the work of registering a case in Panchvati police station is starting.

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