Nashik: “Mystery of the ‘thaya’ children’s journey continues, investigation report to Child Welfare Committee | Leader

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Nashik : Leader News Service

The response report of 59 children brought from Bihar to Maharashtra has been handed over to the Child Welfare Committee on Monday (1st). Based on this report, the committee will take further decisions. Meanwhile, the investigation has revealed that the parents of these children paid Rs 1,000 each for their travel. Preliminary investigation also revealed that all the children were from poor families. Therefore, the exact reason for which these children were brought to Maharashtra is being investigated.

Railway Security Force and Railway Police rescued 59 children aged 8 to 15 from Danapur-Pune Express on Tuesday (30th). It came to light that these children were being trafficked from Purnia district of Bihar to Sangli district of Maharashtra on the pretext of taking them to Madrasat in Pune. In this operation, 29 children were dropped off at Jalgaon and 30 at Manmad. Five suspects have been arrested in this case. These children were reported as per the order of the Child Welfare Committee. In it, the information received from the children is being collected and an investigation is being conducted as to why they were being brought to Maharashtra. On the other hand, the Railway Police is also interrogating the arrested suspects.

Many of these children have the same date of birth. Therefore, there is a call before the system to find a concrete reason behind bringing the children to the state. One of the children in custody is believed to be 18 years old. Sources said that after getting the contact numbers of the parents of the children, efforts are being made to contact them through the police.

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