National Camera Day 2023: Photographer’s Madness in Belgaum; The look of the camera was given to the house leader

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Belgaum; Sunil Gawde: If someone tells you that someone’s house is shaped like a camera and there are talking cameras in his house, you will not believe it. But, that has happened in Belgaum. A photographer who loves cameras and photography has named his children after brands of cameras. Moreover, the house is also built in the shape of a camera. (National Camera Day 2023)

Ravi Hongal is the name of the photographer and his camera craze has now reached across the seas. Ravi Hongal has been fond of photography since childhood. From this he started his photography business in 1986. He has a photo studio on SPM Road. He manages the business with his wife Kripa. It was because of his obsession with cameras that he decided to name his first son Canon. However, the family objected. But wife Kripa also liked that name. She understood everyone. And the first child was named Canon. After that they had another son. Elated by the official approval of the first baby’s name, Ravi named the second child Nikon. So the third child is named Epson! Another of Hongal’s hobbies is taking and archiving photos of his three children every day since birth. (National Camera Day 2023)

71 lakh expenditure

Even after naming the cameras to the kids, Ravi wanted to do something different. From that, he planned to build his house in the shape of a camera. In 2017, construction of a house started at 5th cross in Shastrinagar. Earlier, we got the design from the architect as we wanted. After two and a half years, their three-storey camera house became a reality. The ground floor of their house is like an Epson photo printer. The second floor has been given the look of a Nikon camera. So the third floor is like a Canon camera flash. (National Camera Day 2023)

Center of attraction

The windows on the facade of the house are shaped like lenses and viewfinders. Film strip and memory card are also engraved on the face. The ceiling and walls are also shaped like other parts of the camera. Inside the house too, the interior of the camera has been given a look. From a distance, it looks as if a camera is placed on the ground. He named the house ‘Click’.

I am very fond of cameras. I dreamed of having a house like a camera. It is hardly accomplished. Today, many people come to take pictures of a special house. Some even take selfies with this house.
– Ravi Hongal, Photographer, Belgaum.

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