Titan submarine: The wreckage of the Titan submarine was recovered from the sea leader

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Toronto; Leaders Online: The wreckage of the Titan submarine, which was destroyed after an explosion in the Atlantic Ocean, was washed ashore on Wednesday. It consists of several broken pieces, including bent metal sheets of the submarine. The remains of the submarine were recovered from the Horizon Arctic ship in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada. (Titan submarine)

It is said that the investigation team has found 10 pieces of submarine. The submarine skeletons were covered with cloth while being unloaded. These pieces of Titan submarine have been found after 10 days. 5 passengers of the submarine died due to an explosion in the Titanic submarine that went to inspect the Titanic. (Titan submarine)

There were 5 passengers in the submarine including two billionaires(Titan submarine)

Among the dead were Pakistani-born billionaire Prince Dawood (age 48), his son Sulaiman Dawood (age 19), British billionaire Hamish Harding (age 55), French explorer Paul-Henri Nargiolet (age 77) and Stockton Rush, 61, CEO of Titanic tour operator Oceangate. He was involved. According to experts, all these passengers died within milliseconds of the explosion.

However, the search for the submarine continued till Thursday after it disappeared and exploded on Sunday. Meanwhile, a search and rescue mission for the Titan submarine was carried out in an area of ​​10,000 square miles. US and Canadian navies also participated in this campaign.

Fragments found near the wreck of the Titanic

Search and rescue operations were called off after the wreckage of the Titan submarine was found on Thursday. The U.S. Coast Guard said it has found wreckage in two locations about 1,600 feet from the wreck of the Titanic. Which is 12500 feet below sea level. It consisted of the rear section, landing frame and forward section of the ten-ton Titan submarine. The remains were discovered by a deep-sea robot submarine from a ship called Horizon Arctic.

The body is unlikely to be found

According to experts, the bodies of the five passengers aboard the Titan submarine are unlikely to be found. At the same time, the Transport Safety Board of Canada said its investigation could take up to two years.

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