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Pune; Leading News Service: All the members of Cervantes of India Society are two steps ahead in taking advantage of the country wide network and concessions in the name of educational activities. Places in the name of the organization were shown as tenants in the name of own relatives. Later, it has come to light that the members of the organization raised their own commercial and educational complex by trying to get the land under their own control.

A dummy organization called ‘Serve India’

Damodar Sahu, the current president of the Cervantes of India Society, and Premkumar Dwivedi, a close friend and senior member, emphasized self-development by leveraging the organization’s reputation. Some members are focusing on self-development by starting a private organization called ‘Serve India’ like Cervantes of India Society. The institute has large sites in Odisha, Uttarakhand and Allahabad, and special attention is being paid to keep them with us. Objections were also raised that there had been malpractice in the land transaction at Allahabad. It was also alleged that the incumbent Amrish Tripathi had backed them by ignoring those objections.

Unconstitutional works and…

It is mandatory for the members to work as per the rules in the constitution of the organization. However, the objectives of the constitution are being undermined. By using the name of the organization for self-development, their own organizations are being set up. The number of members who gave sincere life-long service to the organization is still poor even after their demise. The present president Damodar Sahu benefited from the services of late Madhusudan Sahu. However, it is believed that the work of destroying his achievements and memory has also been done.

Leasehold became freehold

Till now the leases were held in the name of the institute in other states across the country. All those places are now in the center of the city, showing the insignificant rent of the building in Allahabad (Uttar Pradesh) and Nagpur (Maharashtra) in the accounts of the organization, but the expenses are high and according to Deshmukh’s wishes, an agent has been appointed to make royal arrangements for him to go to and from luxury hotels. The land is on lease till 2030, there is talk of selling it in the name of freehold in favor of people.

Something similar happened in Uttarakhand land transaction, the established member kept the money with him. It is understood that permission has not been taken from the religion for that. After the success of this experiment, some members have objected that the existing officials have their eyes on the buildings and land in Odisha and are trying to sell them too.

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