Nevasa: Whose sin is the suspension of development works? MLA Shankarao Gadakh leader

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Nevasa (Ahmednagar); Leading News Service: It is well known how much funds have come in the taluk in the last three years. The details of this are with the government; But the 80 crore road sanctioned for various village roads in the taluka, the former MLAs tried to put it on hold. MLA Shankarao Gadakh said in a program at Devsade that all the people know that his party is the government, why did they not lift the suspension.

MLA Gadakh said, he is trying to solve the problems of the people by constructing roads and other public works in the villages of the taluka. Due to the ministerial opportunity, the problem could be solved. A major problem arose as works worth Rs 80 crore sanctioned with special efforts were stuck in abeyance. Due to this, the development work in the taluk was hampered. As many works are stuck in suspension, difficulties are being created in the development works. No matter how many difficulties we face, we are trying to complete as many tasks as possible with the cooperation of all of us. It needs your support.

80 crores for pending roads

MLA Gadakh approved water schemes worth about 300 crores during his tenure as minister. Crores of rupees were brought to the taluk for electricity, roads. 80 crore for roads pending for many years; Sopan Ghodechor said that the former MLAs did politics and brought adjournment so that they do not get credit, the former MLAs will have to pay for this sin.

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