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seed; Balaji mouths: Be it BJP leader Pankaja Munde or NCP leader Dhananjay Munde… Both the leaders have huge popularity among their respective supporters. Both the leaders are important in their party at the state and national level as well. In the last nine years, the entire Maharashtra has seen the controversy, criticism and comments between the two leaders. However, recognizing the prevailing situation and the steps of time, the Munde brothers and sisters have started the politics of totality. This was confirmed in the election of Vaidyanath Cooperative Sugar Factory. (Pankaja Munde And Dhananjay Munde)

Both of them won the election unopposed. Pankaja Munde was elected as the chairman. People’s leader Even though the two have come together to avoid politics in the Vaidyanath factory set up by Munde, the big craze in the state politics and the combined politics of the Munde sister-brother, who have accumulated millions of supporters, may change the direction of Maharashtra politics in the near future. (Pankaja Munde And Dhananjay Munde)

self People’s leader Gopinathrao Munde is the senior most leader of Maharashtra BJP, but he has close relations with all party leaders and activists. Due to this, he was known as a leader who did sum politics. Although many leaders who were brought up in politics by holding the little finger left, only because of the politics of sums. Munde’s people and popularity remained constant. self After Munde, the rift between his daughter Pankaja Munde and nephew Dhananjay Munde grew. When Pankaja Munde was the minister, Dhananjay Munde did not miss a single opportunity to criticize. Interestingly, due to the great popularity of both the leaders, their simple statements also made news along with the controversy. Even though both of them criticized and commented on each other in politics, even though both of them had extreme political differences, both the leaders did not allow differences of opinion. He has shown time and time again that sister is with brother and brother in times of happiness and sorrow. (Pankaja Munde And Dhananjay Munde)

In recent times, recognizing the situation and the steps of time, the Munde sister-brothers have started the politics of totality. In the election of Vaidyanath Cooperative Sugar Factory, both of them won the factory unopposed. Pankaja Munde became the chairman of the factory. After the selection, Pankaja was felicitated by Valmik Karad, known as Dhananjay Munde’s right-hand man, and cousin Ajay Munde. This combination politics of Munde brother and sister may change the direction of Maharashtra politics in the near future. Because of this, divided into two groups and the original people’s leaders themselves. This sum politics is being welcomed by Munde’s supporters.

Those who broke away were kept away

Namdevrao Aghav and some other directors had left the support of BJP leader Pankaja Munde despite being given an honorable position in the board of directors of Vaidyanath Sugar Factory. They were kept away this time.

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