PM Rishi Sunak : An unknown car hit the gate near PM Rishi Sunak’s office; Driver arrested leader

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Leaders Online Desk: There is a big news coming out of Britain. The incident happened when the car hit the gate in front of Downing Street in London, where Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s office and residence is located. The police have arrested the driver for driving the vehicle. London Police has given information about this. (PM Rishi Sunak)

According to the police, “At approximately 4.20 pm local time here, a car crashed into the Downing Street gate at White Hall. Armed officers arrested a man at the scene on suspicion of criminal mischief, damage and dangerous driving. (PM Rishi Sunak)

After this, the police officers immediately rushed to the spot. White Hall, located between London’s famous Trafalgar Square and Parliament Square, was besieged. Officials in Downing Street were instructed to stay inside. There is no word yet on whether Sunak was in his office at the time of the incident. Meanwhile, pictures that have gone viral on social media show a white passenger car crashing into the gates of Downing Street.

There is no information about any loss of life in this incident yet. Police have detained the driver and are further investigating the incident. PM Sunak’s office has refused to comment on the incident.

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