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Washington: Many alternatives to milk and milk products have emerged over the years. However, plant-based products have not been able to compete with dairy products. According to a report by the Good Food Institute (GFI), plant-based milks made from foods such as soybeans, almonds and oats account for only 15 percent of total milk sales in the United States and 11 percent in Western Europe. Now milk is made by leaving sugar, water and special bacteria in a special tank!

Some companies are trying to produce milk without cows, buffaloes or plants, hoping to gain a share of the Rs 70 lakh crore global dairy market. These synthetic dairy companies are making milk through bio-chemical process. Some bacteria are released in sugar and water in a special tank. These bacteria convert the sugar into milk protein after some time in a controlled environment. This type of milk also has some benefits. Some people are allergic to lactose in milk. This lactose can be removed from milk. Concerns about food security and climate change are currently on the rise worldwide.

It uses less water. It requires less energy and space compared to conventional dairy products. It also reduces emissions of greenhouse gases, which are responsible for more than three percent of global warming emissions in the region. The tanks used in this process are very expensive. A tank that can make around 30 liters of milk can cost up to Rs.1.5 crore. However, even a cow or a buffalo bought for one and a half lakh rupees can give that much milk in a day!

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