March 22, 2023
Pritam Jana also know as Tumita is one of the famous and Musician

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Pritam Jana also know as Tumita is one of the famous and Musician from West Bengal. He is working in
Youtube from last 1 years and have made thousands of video. He teaches, motivates people and promotes
Indian music on his YouTube channel “Tumita”.
Pritam Jana aka Tumita was born on 11 November 1999 in West Bengal. At a small age he was vocalist
for Jana Rocks, a Bengali rock in Arambagh, India. He left that to pursue education and also started a you
tube career with public speaking tutorials related to anything from mental health, personal development to
Fan Following
Today, he has a Huge Fan Following. Tumita Inspiration is His Mom-Dad. They support him a lot. His
Earning Source is the brand promotions and other Businesses. His Josh Following 1M Facebook
following is 50K+, while his Instagram following is 15K+

Tumita is amongst the artist which you would love to listen and watch. The uniqueness about him is that
Tumita composes his music on Logic Pro with the help of digital instruments like Owsam. And for his
voice he uses a Harmonizer.

Tumita, who was born in West Bengal, is a famous entrepreneur and musician. Tumita shares various
videos on Youtube about his music for his followers to enjoy.
Tumita, an Indian Entrepreneur and Musician from West Bengal, shares music on Youtube for people to
enjoy. They were born in 1999 and became famous through the internet. Tumita is one of the many
influential Youtubers from India that use the opportunity to create content independently to potentially
reach more people around the world