Priyanka Sahu

Priyanka Sahu made her mark by winning 2 big titles in Miss & Mrs. India Queen of Hearts Show 2022.

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Priyanka Sahu, a resident of Odisha, who won 2 big titles in a show with her hard work and true dedication.  Miss and Mrs. India Queen of Hearts competition 2022 was recently held in Delhi, in which Priyanka won two big titles of Miss India Queen of Hearts Central and Miss India Fit with her true dedication and hard work.

Celebrity guest Sonali Raut who attended the show also wished Priyanka for her bright future. While talking to the media, Priyanka says that if you are getting family support, then it becomes easy to achieve any goal and my family members have a hand behind my success, they always encouraged me and because of them  I managed to reach this point and won these titles, Priyanka thanks both the organizers of the show, Ankur Agarwal and Saloni Agarwal who gave me such a great platform. Priyanka is a software engineer and now her dream is to enter in Bollywood.

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