Ratnagiri News : 1 killed in tree fall in Rajapur: 3 women fish sellers injured | leader

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Rajapur; Leading News Service: One person was killed on the spot when a Gulmohra tree suddenly fell in the weekly market in Rajapur. Three women fish sellers were seriously injured. This incident took place today (13th) around 4:30 pm near Ganesh Visarjan Ghat. The name of the deceased is Ramchandra Babaji Shelke (aged 48, resident of Barsu). He was driving a rickshaw. The injured have been shifted to Ratnagiri for further treatment (Ratnagiri News).

More information about this is that today being the weekly market, some merchandise was sitting under the tree for sale. It also included fish sellers. Suddenly the tree fell. Ramchandra Babaji Shelke, fish seller Mumtaz Asif Phansopkar, Yasmin Shaukat Kotwadekar, Saika Irfan Pavaskar were injured. He was immediately admitted to Rajapur Rural Hospital. Ramchandra Shelke died of severe chest injuries. The injured women were shifted to Ratnagiri for further treatment (Ratnagiri News).

Due to this incident, there was a rush and panic in the weekly market. Consumers and traders fled in fear. All the injured women are fish sellers in Rajapur city. Every week those fish come for sale in the market.
Tehsildar Shital Jadhav, City Council Chief Clerk Jitendra Jadhav, Sandesh Jadhav, Trade Association President Sandeep Malpekar, Police rushed to the spot.

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