It was the painter who came to paint the house in Lucknow who stole it; Jewelery worth four tolas seized leader

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Nipani; Leading News Service: The incident came to light on Thursday (13th) that the painter himself, who had come to paint the house, looted 4 tola gold ornaments worth about 2 lakh rupees from the safe in the house of the house owner. In just twelve hours, the Basaveshwar Chowk police arrested the suspected painter in this incident in Lakhnapur along with the material. Kumar Raosaheb Koli (age 26) Res. Mamdapur K. L. The arrested suspect’s name is (T. Nipani). Due to this incident, there has been a sensation.

More information about this is that Mamdapur K.L. Kumar Koli, the painter here, has been working as a painter for many years. Meanwhile, he had undertaken the painting work of Malmoda Ramchandra Kore’s house in Lakhnapur. Accordingly, while they were painting Kore’s house on Wednesday (12th), the people of Kore’s house trusted Painter Kumar and went out for some work. Taking advantage of the opportunity that no one was home, Kumar Koli stole. After opening the safe in the house, a chain of three tolas and two rings of one tola and a total of four tolas of gold were stolen. After this theft, the suspected accused Painter returned to his native village.

Meanwhile, when Kore noticed this incident, he informed the police about it. According to this, the police became suspicious as the painting work of the house was going on. Accordingly, CPI Sangamesh Shivayogi visited the spot and speeded up the investigation. Accordingly, police personnel including Sub-Inspector Ramesh Pawar, Assistant Sub-Inspector Sub-Inspector Arjun Kumbhar, Havaldar Maruti Kamble, Srishail Malli, Ramgonda Patil, M.A. Terdal, who went home after finishing painting the house, arrested Kumar Koli. When he was detained and interrogated late at night, he confessed to the theft.

According to this, the investigation of this incident was carried out in just twelve hours, after catching the suspected thief, the police officers and employees of Basaveshwar Chowk Police Station, District Police Chief Dr. Sanjeev Patil congratulated.

Meanwhile, as the theft was revealed by the painter who came to paint the house, a large crowd of citizens gathered at the spot. Meanwhile, according to Kore’s complaint, Kumar was arrested by the police and produced before the Nipani Court, Sub-Inspector Pawar informed that he was sent to Hindalga Jail in Belgaum.

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