Unprecedented reception of Minister Dhananjay Munde in Beed district with Parli leader

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Parli Vaijnath, Head of News Service: Dhananjay Munde received an unprecedented reception in Beed district after taking oath as a cabinet minister. Dhananjay Munde was shocked while responding to this reception in a meeting held at Parli. Dhananjay Munde expressed his belief that I will not be able to repay the trust and love that the people have shown in me even in countless lives, saying that I will do something that will raise your honor forever.

Dhananjay Munde, who came to Beed district for the first time as a minister, received a grand civil felicitation in Parli. In the presence of a crowd of thousands, Dhananjay Munde let his emotions flow despite the time constraints. He said that I had given a word to Parlikars that whenever there is some upheaval in the political arena, nothing will happen without asking Vaidyanath of Parli, today it has been proved. A few months ago, I had said in this same soil, ‘Jara sa wakatne saath kya na diya, log meri kabiliyat. Pay Shak Karne Lage’ Today I have shown the country that we are capable. Power comes and goes, but the gratitude of those who helped in bad times should not be forgotten. In 2010, I had to contest for the Vidhan Sabha even though I was eligible. There were 2 votes less to go to the House, Ajit Dada helped me in that situation and I got a chance at the Vidhan Parishad. Now that I have become a minister, if the expectations of the people increase, it will not be difficult to fulfill the expectations of the workers but it will take time. He said that I will fulfill the promises within a year.

There was a lot to talk about today but there is no time, so I can’t talk much, but at this place I will bring the entire cabinet of the state in front of you. We want to express our debt to Dada, Eknath Shinde, Fadnavis. In the end, believe me, wherever you go, you will raise your neck and say that you belong to Vaidyanath and your people’s representative is Dhananjay Munde. Dhananjay Munde got emotional saying that he will do something that will make him proud forever.

Dhananjaya Munde received a warm welcome from all places as soon as he arrived in Parli. As soon as he arrived in Parli, he came to the venue with Vaidyanath darshan, the fifth Jyotirlinga among the twelve Jyotirlingas. As time was limited, he expressed his feelings in the available time. A huge crowd of thousands attended the reception and meeting.

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