Rest stops on Dehu-Alandi route useless leader

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Moshi: Leading News Service: The rest stops set up on the new BRT road connecting the pilgrimage Dehu – Alandi are found to be unusable due to lack of shade. Since the opening of the road, these rest stops have been found to be merely ornamental. These places, which are meant for the devotees going to Dehu-Alandis from this route for a few moments of rest, are becoming useless. As Dehu-Alandi are pilgrimage sites, many devotees and pilgrims travel to the pilgrimage sites on foot. Therefore, rest stops have been prepared on the Dehu-Alandi BRT road for the convenience of these devotees.

However, these rest stops are useless as there is no shade in this place and there is no protection from heat and rain during monsoons. One can sit here for an hour only in the morning and evening; But it is of zero use throughout the day. Due to this, displeasure is being expressed by the commuters and pedestrians, and there is a demand to erect shade sheds at these rest stops. If sheds are erected, all these places can be used in summer and monsoon also, the citizen is expressing the opinion. From Dehu, rest stops have been set up at Chikhli, Kudalwadi, Borate Vasti, Moshi Dehu Rasta Chowk, Hazare Vasti, Dudulgaon, Tapkir Nagar etc. Palkhi departure ceremony will be held from Ashadhi Wari in four to five days. Therefore, there is a huge crowd of pedestrians on this route. Before that, Warkari is demanding that sheds should be erected at these stops for shade.

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