Sangli Crime: Two brothers attacked over sand mining dispute in Kanharwadi: One killed | leader

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Kadegaon : Leading News Service: A shocking incident of killing a man by stabbing him with sharp weapons due to a dispute over illegal sand transport
It happened at Kanharwadi (Kadegaon) (Sangli Crime). This thrilling incident happened on Saturday (3rd) around 10 pm. The name of the deceased is Sachin Hanmant Madane (age 32, Kanharwadi district, Kadegaon). Khandu Hanmant Madane (age 35) is seriously injured. A case has been registered in Kadegaon police station against six persons namely Laxman Jagannath Madane, Kiran Laxman Madane, Suraj Sanjay Madane, Saurabh Sanjay Madane, Karan Gulab Patole, Mahendra Baban Patole (all of Kanharwadi, Kadegaon district).

More information received from the police is that two brothers, Sachin Hanmant Madane (age 32) and Khandu Hanmant Madane (age 35) from Kanharwadi (Sangli Crime) brought a consignment of sand from the Yerala riverbed. For this reason, the suspected accused gathered an illegal crowd with sharp weapons in their hands near the farm near Yetgaon road in Kanharwadi area around 10 pm on Saturday. At this time Suraj Sanjay Madane, the suspected accused, stabbed Sachin Hanmant Madane with a sword in his hand and Kiran Laxman Madane with a knife in his hand with the intention of killing Sachin Hanmant Madane.

At this time, Laxman Jagannath Madane stabbed Khandu Jagannath Madane on the shoulder and leg with an ax in his hand. On this occasion, Saurabh Sanjay Madane, Karan Gulab Patole, Mahendra Baban Patole with iron gadja in hand and wooden stick.
Sachin and Khandu were beaten. Due to this, Sachin Hanmant Madane (age 32) died before treatment. Khandu Hanmant Madane is seriously injured. Saponi Santosh Gosavi is investigating further.

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