Satara: Yavateshwar Ghat cracks down leader

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Satara, Leader News Service : West of Satara city has been continuously raining for the past eight days. A crackdown session is underway in Kas, Toseghar area. Traffic was stopped for some time due to a crack in the Yavateshwar ghat around 8 pm on Saturday. Meanwhile, a bike rider coming towards Satara has been injured.

It has been raining in the district since last eight days. In the east, there is a clear patch of rain, but in the west, it continues to rain continuously. There are incidents of falling trees and cracks in places. On Saturday around 8 pm, there was a crack in Yavateshwar Ghat. The traffic was blocked for some time due to the large stones on the road. Shivendraraje Rescue Team, Satara Taluka Police and the traveling motorists removed the stones and made the traffic smooth. Meanwhile, a two-wheeler who was coming from Yavateshwar to Satara was injured in the incident.

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