Taking the Indian music industry by storm is a passionate music producer and artist, Deepak Rawat aka it’s DPK.

Taking the Indian music industry by storm is a passionate music producer and artist, Deepak Rawat aka it’s DPK.

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Exuding sheer talent, passion, and brilliance, Deepak Rawat as a true-blue music producer has been acing his way with his record label, INdpk Media.

The humongous rise and popularity in the music realm for the past couple of decades has been one of the most fascinating aspects of the current era of generation. The rate at which the music industry has grown would be in double digits and has provided many opportunities to umpteen number of music artists all across the globe. But, with equal number of opportunities has come cut-throat competition which has not allowed all of music professionals to sail their ship smoothly. Many singers, composers, song writers, producers, and many more have tried their level best to succeed at the highest level. With changing trends, times and with amalgamation of social and digital tools, the music industry has seen great influx of new audiences and listeners who expect nothing but the best from the music professionals. We came across one such supremely talented music professional and astute producer named Deepak Rawat who has taken giant strides across the music industry to showcase his innate talent, skills, and expertise.

Deepak Rawat aka it’s DPK hails from Mathura, India and had deep roots of music within him since childhood. Inclined towards the art and craft of music making since young age, Deepak realised that music would be his ultimate destination and would seek his long term career and profession in the same industry. Working diligently hard to hone his skills and expertise, Deepak developed his art and mastered music making, composing and producing. In no time, Deepak became one of the most seek and sought-after music producers in the country attracting lot of popularity for himself in a short span of time. His work is not only appreciated by audiences but by many industry peers as well. Deepak specializes in making 8D/16D, slowed and reverb, Lofi audio version of music. Some of his mesmerizing and colossal hist includes songs like- Saware, Money Heist X Itni si baat hai, Let me down slowly X aaya na tu, Main rahoon ya naa rahoon, Darkhaast, Jee le zara, Dil mein ho tum, Phoolon me saj rahe hai, Alone in rain, Midnight storm, and many more.

In addition to being a ace music producer, Deepak is also the founder and owner of INdpk Media, a one of a kind integrated music distribution, management and record label distributing music on top streaming platforms like Spotify, Instagram, JioSaavn, iTunes, Resso and 200+ other platforms. Making a robust presence with more than 350+major stores, INdpk Media collaborates with more than 1 million artists across the globe. Their YouTube network has a huge collection of over 500,000 videos, which so far has served over 14 Billion minutes of video under their robust Affiliate CMS, Managed CMS, Kids CMS, Publishing CMS, and Music CMS.

Deepak Rawat continues to captivate millions of listeners around the world with his soulful music and promises to continue his momentum in coming times as well. For more details, do follow him on Instagram @ official_itsdpk and visit his website- https://indpkmedia.com/.

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