The intensity of rain increased, the speed of sowing decreased leader

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Dnyaneshwar Bijle:

Pune : The onset of rainfall in the taluks of Pune district in the lap of Sahyadri in July will help to increase the water storage in the dams. In the last month and a half, Pune district has received 55 percent rainfall compared to the average till date. However, only 31 percent sowing has been done due to heavy rains in other taluks. More than 80 percent in Maval, Bhor, Velhe taluks; More than 60 percent rainfall was recorded in Mulshi, Khed, Ambegaon talukas. However, in the rest of the talukas, the rainfall is less than 50 percent compared to the average there. Pune city received 50 percent rainfall compared to the average.

In June, there was rain in the district. In that month, the district received 51 percent rainfall. The district received an average rainfall of 90 mm in June, while July recorded 104 mm till 18th. 74 percent sowing was done in the state as compared to the average. In comparison, 31 percent sowing was done in Pune district. Kharipa area in Pune district is one lakh 95 thousand 710 hectares. Out of which 61 thousand 428 hectares have been sown. Looking at the state statistics, out of an average area of ​​142 lakh hectares, 104 lakh hectares have been sown. This information was announced by the Department of Agriculture. In the district, compared to the average, cereals have been sown on 17 percent of the area, while pulses have been sown on 14 percent of the area. Soybeans accounted for 94 per cent of the crop compared to the average.

Lean towards soybeans

Although sowing has reduced in the district, the trend of farmers has shifted towards soybeans. Soybean has been sown on 32 thousand 850 hectares (53 percent) of the sown area. It is 157 percent of the average area under soybeans. While cotton was sown on an average of 50 hectares, this year it has been on 756 hectares. While the average sorghum area in the district is 607 hectares, Kharif sorghum has been sown on only 4 hectares that is less than one percent of the area this year.

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