There is a uniform rate for cutting sugarcane on machines in the state; Sugarcane Cutting Machine Owners’ Association’s demand to sugar commissioner leader

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Pune : Leader News Service : During the 2022-23 sugarcane sieving season concluded in the state, sugarcane cutting by machine has been given a rate of Rs 360 to 420 per tonne. While Kisanveer Sahakari from Bhuij (Satara) and Dutt India Pvt. Ltd. from Phaltan. These factories have paid the same rate of Rs 510 per tonne. Therefore, the State Sugarcane Cutting Machine Owners Association has made an important demand for a uniform sugarcane cutting rate. done by Chandrakant Pulkundwar. Under the leadership of the president of the organization, Umeshchandra Patil (Kolhapur), a statement of demands was given on Wednesday (14th) in a meeting with the sugar commissioner.

Various demands were made in the discussion held at that time. The delegation included association secretary Ghanshyam Markad (Solapur), treasurer Nilesh Bhuse (Pune), vice president Avinash Sawant (Satara), Gyanoba Patil (Sangli), Nilesh Bagade (Pune), Vishal More (Sangli) and member Shantagonda Patil.

Giving information after the meeting, President Patil said, during the period from 2018-19 to 2022-23, the farmers of the state have taken loans from banks and financial institutions to buy sugarcane cutting machines as an extension of agriculture. Despite the decision of 40 percent subsidy, owners of sugarcane cutting machines purchased before 2020 have been deprived of subsidy. It has been demanded that the government should remove the injustice done by giving it immediately.

Sugar mills reduce the weight of sugarcane by 4.5 percent in the weight of sugarcane harvested with the help of sugarcane cutting machines. This reduction is unfair to sugarcane cutting machine business owners. A significant demand has been made to reduce this reduction from 4.5 percent to 2 percent and provide relief to the machine owners.

The state government has announced various schemes for the welfare of sugarcane cutting laborers by establishing an independent corporation. On the same lines, a separate corporation should be established for the drivers and owners of sugarcane cutting machines purchased by the farmers of the state. A warning has also been given to protest if no positive decision is taken on the demands.

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