Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar: Marathwada is in the shadow of drought, 99 tankers are running during the rainy season | leader

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Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar, Leader News Service :. After the arrival of monsoon, the rains have disappeared after minor showers and only 7 days of rain have fallen in Marathwada on an average in the month of June. But the farmers are worried due to this wave of rain. Due to the increasing water scarcity in the region, there is fear that the region will be hit by drought again this year. After the arrival of Monsoon, the rains have been heavy for the past few days, and the average rainfall has already been compromised. For the whole month of June, 2.8 millimeters on June 6 followed by 5.6 on June 11, followed two weeks later by 10.7 on the 25th, 2.8 on the 26th, 4.2 on the 27th, 13.4 on the 28th, 6.3 on the 29th. There was a slight rain.

Compared to other districts of Marathwada, Dharashiv, Nanded and Hingoli districts have received comparatively less rainfall. The region has an expected rainfall of 679.5 mm from June to September, compared to an expected rainfall of 134 mm in the month of June, only 55.5 mm of rain has been received in 30 days. So far in Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar district 58.4 percent compared to annual average, Jalna 46.1, Beed 43.2, Latur 44.9, Dharashiv 26.5, Nanded 29.6, Parbhani 38.3 while in Hingoli district only 26 compared to annual average. Only 7 percent has rained.

Thirst of 99 tankers, 85 villages, 24 palaces

Due to the delay in rains, the thirst of 85 villages and 24 wadis in four districts is being quenched by tankers during monsoon season. The administration is currently supplying water through 37 tankers in Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar district, 44 tankers in Jalna, 12 tankers in Hingoli and 6 tankers in Nanded district.

District wise average rainfall days

District average rainfall days

Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar – 07

Jalna – 06

Beed – 05

Latur – 05

Dharashiv – 05

Nanded – 06

Parbhani – 06

Hingoli – 05

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