Ahmednagar: Nitin Adsul Yuvraj Pathare’s application filed for the post of Parner Mayor leader

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Parner Leader News Service : After the resignation of Parner Nagar Panchayat Mayor Vijay Auti, the election program for the post of Mayor has started and applications for the post of Mayor have been accepted on Friday (30th). At this time, independent associate corporator Nitin Adsul has filed an application from NCP and MP Dr. Sujay Vikhe’s supporter BJP Shiv Sena corporator Yuvraj Pathare has filed the application. A debate has arisen after the corporator of the NCP BJP supported the corporator of the Shiv Sena. Election of the post of mayor will be held on 1st July and voting will be held on 5th July.

After the resignation of Parner Nagar Panchayat, who will be the new mayor? I was curious about it. 7 corporators of NCP and 6 of Shiv Sena have been elected. The party strength was 2 Independents 2 BJP 1 of City Development Aghadi. MLA Nilesh Lanka took along 2 corporators of Taluka Aghadi and put the garland of mayor’s post on the neck of Vijay Ooty, beating the neck of the independent corporators of NCP. After a quarter of a year, it was decided to change the mayor. Accordingly, Vijay Ooty resigned. In the meantime, it was said that Vijay Ooty’s closeness with BJP had increased. It is said that the presence of Vijay Auti while filing the candidature of Shiv Sena corporator Yuvraj Pathare for the post of mayor is the result of the discussion of the last few days.

BJP corporator Ashok Chede supported the group registration by NCP and wrote that he was an associate member. But they also attended Shiv Sena corporator Pathare’s city mayor’s presence Arja Chede! He also had a word, but after Nitin Adsul filed his nomination form from NCP, it is being said that Chede left NCP and supported Pathare. There is talk that the corporators of the group have left for a trip.

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