Pune: Kurulkar opposes ‘voice layer psychological analysis’, next hearing to be held on July 7 | leader

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Pune, Leading News Service: Dr. DRDO Director, who is in the custody of ATS (Anti-Terrorist Squad) investigation agency over the espionage case. Pradeep Kurulkar is once again in the limelight. The court was requested to allow the ATS to conduct a ‘voice layer psychological analysis test’ to determine the direction of the investigation. Kurulkar’s lawyers vehemently opposed this test and submitted documents to the Supreme Court stating that human rights are violated. The court adjourned the hearing saying it would take a decision on July 7.

In the ‘DRDO’ (Defence Research and Development Organization) in Dighi, which manufactures and researches materials required for the defense forces of India, under the leadership of Kurulkar, research was conducted on indigenously made rocket launchers including ‘Pinaka’ and ‘Vibhav’ long range rocket launchers. Despite this, Kurulkar’s relationship with Pakistani intelligence was forged through a network. Zaradas Gupta, a Pakistani agent, dragged Kurulkar into Mohajal. Suspicious of Kurulkar’s movements, when his e-mails were checked, it was proved that the e-mails were sent to Pakistani e-mails. Meanwhile, as he did not give the password of the laptop and mobile phone seized from his possession, they were sent to the Gujarat Forensic Lab to open them. Along with this, it is necessary to do his ‘voice layer psychological analysis test’ and it was also requested that permission should be given.

Defending Kurulkar on Friday (30th), Adv. Rishikesh Ganu gave evidence to the affidavit filed by ATS in the court. It is said that all the materials are in their possession and it has been ascertained with whom Kurulkar communicated. It was requested not to allow the test by raising the issue that what is there in the machine requested by Israel, by using which a lot of information will come out.

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