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Kolhapur, Leader News Service : The message that Tukaram Mundhe has been appointed as Commissioner of Kolhapur Municipal Corporation was circulating on WhatsApp on Saturday. Without verifying it, many wrote “Congratulations” under Mundhe’s photo and made the message viral again. Therefore, rumors of Mundhe’s appointment were widely spread. But Paranthu Mundhe has been appointed as Marathi Language Secretary to Govt, not Kolhapur. Additional Commissioner Ravikant Adsul clarified that the message is wrong and no order has been received from the Municipal Corporation in this regard.

Municipal Commissioner Dr. Kadambari Balakawade has been transferred to Pune. So who will be the commissioner? The city dwellers are curious about this. In that, the state government transferred 20 IAS officers simultaneously. Messages in this regard were circulating on WhatsApp with names. Based on that, some spread the message that Mundhe has been appointed as Kolhapur Commissioner. This rumor was spreading from afternoon till night. So many people had also posted the status of that message. Finally, the municipal officials clarified that this was a rumor through phone and WhatsApp.

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