‘Vasaka’ factory workers should get provident fund with arrears of salary: Kuber Jadhav | leader

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Temple; Leading News Service: The time has come for the workers of Vasantdada Patil Cooperative Sugar Factory to go on hunger strike due to lack of salary. Therefore, Kuber Jadhav, working president of sugar factory workers’ union, has demanded that provident fund along with arrears of salary should be deposited immediately. In the year 2012, the workers of the sugar factory, which was running well, got 11 months salary. When the workers demanded salary, the then board of directors hastily resigned and stepped aside showing their inability to manage the factory. Therefore, along with the sugarcane farmers, the workers suffered the most. Even after sweating for 11 months, they ran away without paying the workers for their labor. In the meantime, the factory was closed for three to four years, it is also said in this paper.

Also in 2015/16 MLA Dr. Rahul Aher formed the authorized board along with five people of his choice. And with the help of the then Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, the factory was started at a low cost. Farmers and workers contributed a lot this time. The sugarcane farmers themselves cut the sugarcane and brought the sugarcane, but they were not immediately remunerated for their labour. For this, Dharashiv Udyog Group was strangled through the sugar commissioner. And Dharashiv Udyog Group paid the salaries of the workers for five months at that time.

In 2017/18, the Maharashtra State Shikhar Bank left the sugarcane farmers and workers in the lurch in a mutual agreement between the Dharashiv Udyog Group to recover outstanding loans. But the workers kept the issue by insisting that the factory should be started only after signing the agreement of the trade union. The starving workers will start their daily bread. For this purpose, the trade union and the majority of the workers started the factory subject to the agreement as discussed, but in reality the agreement was evasive and the timely payment of salaries was delayed. So once again the workers went on strike.

Non-payment of outstanding salaries by Dharashiv Udyog Group continued to create tension between the workers and the management, Dharashiv Udyog Group failed to pay the arrears and monthly salaries of the workers as per the contract. Also, they are not very keen on starting a factory as they are not getting the desired financial benefits as they are not getting the expected results. If the factory remains closed, the biggest loss will be the workers. Therefore, the factory should continue in any case. Kuber Jadhav, the former civil engineer of the factory and the working president of the Vasaka Labor Union expressed the opinion that it is necessary for everyone to make efforts so that the livelihood of the workers continues.

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