You cannot be Savarkar! – Criticism of Devendra Fadnavis on Rahul Gandhi leader

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Nagpur; Leading News Service: Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis has once again attacked Rahul Gandhi by directly criticizing him saying that you are not capable of becoming Savarkar, you can’t even match your hair. The novel ‘Mrityunjayacha Atmayagya’ written on the life of Swatantra Veer Savarkar was released on Saturday (28th) evening in Nagpur. Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis attended the book release ceremony written by Shubhangi Bhadbhade. Speaking on this occasion, Devendra Fadnavis targeted Congress leader Rahul Gandhi.

Fadnavis said, Rahul Gandhi should actually be thanked. Because, when society seems to forget Savarkar, Rahul Gandhi mentions Savarkar. So the whole society gets fired up and once again we get a chance to take Savarkar’s thoughts to the masses and the next generation.

Basically, Rahul Gandhi cannot be Savarkar by birth. So ‘I am not Savarkar’ you speak the truth, thank you for that too,” Fadnavis tweeted.

The words ‘mayor’ and ‘legislature’ have been given by Savarkar. So we have looked at Savarkar as a brilliant leader who was devoted to science and insisted on accepting the good by challenging our culture. Freedom hero Savarkar has to reach us in every generation. Because, Congress Savarkar, Dr. Devendra Fadnavis criticized that Babasaheb Ambedkar and Netaji Bose were rejected.

When Rahul Gandhi says ‘I am not Savarkar’. Then I wanted to say in Nagpuri language, you don’t have the ability to become a Savarkar. Who was born with a golden spoon. But, Savarkar lived in a small cell in the Andaman jail and was fed disgusting things. Also, Devendra Fadnavis also said that Rahul Gandhi can’t imagine a person who after working all day as a crusher bull comes up with an epic poem.

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