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Breath is the life of man. Even from the womb, man inhales and exhales. Breathing is a natural activity. It doesn’t have to be deliberate. But what if someone told you that you have to learn how to inhale and how to exhale? This is true. Breathing is very important in yoga. If we learn to breathe properly, it helps to reduce many health complaints. (Breathe properly)

Breath is the most important aspect of our life. Breath is with us from our birth to death and we are completely oblivious to this breath. If we can breathe properly, we should consider ourselves to have won a great battle.

There are billions of cells in our body. All these cells work together to carry out metabolic activities. This requires oxygen. Oxygen is converted into carbon dioxide after cellular activity. If this carbon dioxide stays in even a small amount, it causes great damage to the cells. That is why we need to inhale and exhale properly. If we don’t breathe properly, the carbon dioxide will stay in the body and cause us problems. On average, we take in about half a liter of air with each breath. This means that we only use 15 to 20 percent of our lung capacity. If we learn to breathe properly, we can breathe up to 70 to 75 percent of our lung capacity. Twenty percent of the lungs are occupied by air.

Breathe properly: Types of breathing

There are many types of breathing, but roughly they are divided into three categories.

Collar bone breeding

This is colloquially known as high society breeding. In this, breathing is done from the upper part of the chest only. That means breathing is not done freely.

Thoracic or costal biding

This is commonly called middle class breeding. It uses the middle part i.e. the chest more.

Abdominal Bridig

This is also known as lower class breeding. In addition, breathing is done from the lower part of the chest. If all these three types of breathing are done together, then that is the right breathing method. That is, breathing requires the use of the chest, diaphragm and stomach. This is called breathing according to yoga.

Breathe properly : Proper method of breathing

How do we know if we are breathing correctly? An easy way to recognize this is to breathe in and see if your stomach moves in or out. Sit with your back straight. Then place your hands on your stomach. The stomach will move in and out as you inhale and exhale. If you are going to test lying down, place a book on your stomach. The movement of the book will give you an idea of ​​whether we are breathing properly or not. If your stomach comes out when you inhale, you are breathing correctly. If your stomach goes in while breathing, you are doing it wrong. Just as a balloon inflates when it is filled with air, our lungs expand or expand when we inhale and contract when we exhale. Just like how a balloon deflates when air is released from it. Unless we know the correct breathing pattern or have not paid much attention to it, many people’s stomach goes in while breathing in and out while breathing out. This can happen if there is stress, but this method is wrong. This tightens the chest and also tightens the diaphragm. This causes the stomach to protrude. This causes pressure on the lungs and heart.

Breathing takes in and leaves our lungs. So why does the stomach go in and out during inhalation and exhalation? This is because there is a diaphragm between the stomach and the lungs. When the lungs are under pressure, the diaphragm is also under pressure and its pressure is on the abdomen. This is why the stomach moves in and out even as the lungs breathe in and out.

It is necessary to learn the correct method of breathing

At first we don’t remember the correct way of breathing.

Get in the habit of breathing properly

At first the correct breathing pattern is not remembered. At such times set an alarm every half an hour, pay attention to your breath and practice proper breathing for three to four minutes. If you practice this way for three to four months, you will get into the habit of breathing properly and then you will not have to make any extra effort to breathe properly.

Breathe properly: Proper Breathing Formula (SSLD)

S (Smooth) : Breathe very easily. There should be no sound while breathing. It is important to breathe easily as heavy breathing creates friction and wastes energy unnecessarily.
S (Slow): Breathe slowly. Don’t overdo it. While inhaling, notice that the belly should come out and the chest should also expand.
L (Long): Breathing should be longer. Note that the time it takes to inhale should be half as long as exhaling.
D (Deep): Take a deep breath. It should feel like the breath is coming from the very inside of the stomach. But remember one thing. Do not pull and stretch this exercise. Do it as easily as possible. Because more pressure can cause lung failure, just as a balloon bursts with more pressure.

Breathe properly: How many times to breathe in a minute?

There is no rule for how many breaths to take in a minute. But generally one breath is equal to four pulse beats. That means the heart rate of any healthy person is about 72 beats per minute. At such time his breath may be 15 to 18 times per minute. But in athletes and people who do more physical exertion, this number can be 12-13. Athletes have lower breathing and pulse rates, while obese individuals have higher ones. The reason for this is that sportsmen and gyms regularly do more physical exercises so that their heart rate gradually decreases. The benefit is that your heart has to work less. This leaves the heart with energy to work when needed. But if one’s breathing is less than 12 and more than 25, then it is dangerous.

Disadvantages of rapid breathing

  • Less amount of oxygen goes in the body, so it is possible to have problems like stress, panic attack, asthma, pneumonia.
  • Heart rate increases.
  • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing.
  • Muscles cramp or stiffen.
  • Blood pressure increases.
  • Unnecessary stress is created on the body.
  • Exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide does not take place properly.
  • Benefits of slow and deep breathing
  • Improves heart and lung function. Blood pressure decreases.
  • It releases endorphin hormones, which are used as pain relievers.
  • Improves blood flow. Due to this, toxic elements are released from the body.
  • The mind becomes calm, anger and anxiety are reduced.
  • Increases the alkaline level in the body.
  • Good control over the mind.
  • Concentration increases, memory increases.
  • Improves the functioning of the nervous system.
  • Improves digestion.
  • Improves body posture.
Dr. Mahesh Varande

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