The traders of the timber market are waiting for the place next to the ring road leader

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Pune; Leading News Service: In view of the growing expansion of the city, discussions were held with NCP President Sharad Pawar and former Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar for the proposed ring road site on behalf of the Timber Market Association. But, after the change of government, this process was stopped again and it hit the business class. After the fire incident, the administration would wake up and provide them with space as per the demand of the traders, the hope was expressed by the traders.

Ratan Kirad, president of Pune Timber Association said, earlier there has been a demand to provide space on lease along the ring road for the timber market. So that the excess goods kept here will be moved to a new place and the stress here will be reduced. Walchand Sancheti, president of The Federation of Associations of Traders said, fire incidents have happened in the timber market in the past. At that time, the then mayor Kirad suggested moving the timber market outside. At this time the place in Gultekdi area was fixed for timber market. However, as the money was not paid there, the Municipal Corporation canceled that place. Hence, traders have no choice but to stay here.

Pune Plywood Dealers Association committee member Vijay Oswal said, there is a need to start the pipe line of the fire brigade in the market immediately. Also, there is not enough space for the vehicles that arrive to extinguish a major incident like a fire. It is necessary for the government to take immediate steps for the land along the ring road. Because every shop here has goods worth lakhs. Incidents like fire are causing huge losses to the business community.

Four to five major, while minor fire incidents have been common at this location since the establishment of the timber market; Minor fire incidents are happening day by day. In this, garbage left open on the road and burning of garbage in drains are maintained. After an incident like this, shop workers contact the fire extinguishing system and get it under control. Meanwhile, there is a drain near the market, and there is a significant amount of dumping of waste in it. Also, in case of excess waste, the waste is frequently burnt to prevent clogging of drains.

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