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Milind Kamble

Pimpri (Pune) : Although it has been half a year since the Pimpri to Phugewadi metro started running, the metro run beyond Phugewadi as well as till Pune is yet to start. Therefore, due to lack of response from the citizens, the metro is seen running empty all day long. The deadline for starting the metro from Pimpri to Civil Court (Sessions Court) in Pune by the end of May has been missed. According to Mahametro, metro will start from Pimpri on three lines namely Civil Court, Vanaj and Ruby Hall during monsoon. In Pimpri-Chinchwad city, the metro is running for a distance of 5.8 km from Pimpri to Phugewadi.

Metro was launched on March 6, 2022 in a hurry keeping in view the municipal elections. Metro started halfway through the route. After that there is no response from the citizens as the metro is not running beyond Phugewadi and till Pune city. Metro is seen running empty without passengers all day long. Even after half a year, citizens are expressing their displeasure as the metro has not moved forward even a single station and has not been connected with Pune city.

Only 31 passengers instead of 900 in one round of metro

Metro was launched for citizens from March 6. There are 42 trains per day on Pimpri-Chinchwad Mahapalika Bhawan to Phugewadi route. Metro runs every 30 minutes. During the 443 period from March 6 to May 23, a total of 5 lakh 75 thousand 390 citizens traveled by metro. Mahametros got an income of 79 lakh 52 thousand 960 rupees from it.

A total of 3 lakh 6 thousand 295 passengers traveled from Pimpri station. A total income of 43 lakh 76 thousand 135 rupees has been received at Pimpri station. 1 lakh 38 thousand 893 citizens traveled from Phugewadi station, 87 thousand 147 from Sant Tukaramnagar station, 25 thousand 592 from Nashik Phata station and 17 thousand 493 from Kasarwadi station. From this data, it is clear that only 31 passengers are traveling by Metro in a single round. Actually 900 citizens can travel in metro at a time.

Pure gimmick of metro

Even after half a year, citizens are expressing strong displeasure as the metro is running on the same route from Pimpri to Phugewadi. While many works were incomplete, the metro was started on a partial route. After that, Mahametro had announced that metro will be started in a phased manner by taking one metro station to Pune’s Civil Court station and to Rabi Hall and Vanaj stations. However, even after almost a quarter of a year, the metro has not moved forward. Metro is moving here and there empty. Citizens are expressing their anger that the metro is just a gimmick.

Expenditure more than income

Metro has not started on the entire route from Pimpri to Swargate and Vanaj to Ramwadi. Since the metro is running on a partial route, citizens are not getting much benefit from it, so citizens are preferring to travel by their own vehicle or by PMPL. Metro lines and stations have been constructed by Mahametro. Crores have been spent on it.

Every month, lakhs of rupees are being spent on metro operation like station staff, station manager, security guard, cleaning staff, metro driver, electricity consumption, beautification, coloring, salary of metro officials and employees. However, due to lack of response from passengers, the income is meager. It is clear that Metro is currently in losses.

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