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Leaders Online Desk: The situation in Russia has now become critical. The Wagner Group, known as a private army in the country, and its head Prigezeny have been declared traitors by Russian President Vladimir Putin. He has warned that Putin will not let go of the backstabbing Wagner Group. Russian authorities have begun implementing stricter security measures following a warning to the country by Wagner’s head. Let’s know about Wagner Group…. (Wagner Group)

Acquisition of ‘Bakhmut’ (Wagner Group)

The Wagner Group is officially called PMC Wagner. It is a Russian paramilitary organization. to which no law of the land applies. It is actually a private military company and a network of mercenaries. The group was first identified in 2014 during the conflict in eastern Ukraine. It was a secret organization at that time. which operated mainly in Africa and the Middle East. The organization has become a key part of the Ukraine campaign, the BBC reports. The Wagner group is also credited with Russia’s occupation of the city of Bakhmut in eastern Ukraine.

How did the name Wagner come about?

According to media reports, the group includes about 5,000 soldiers from Russia’s elite regiments and special forces. In January, the UK Ministry of Defense reported that Wagner Group now had 50,000 troops in Ukraine. The Wagner was named after its first commander, Dmitry Utkin. He was a retired lieutenant colonel of the special forces of the Russian army. Wagner was his nickname. Wagner established an image as an institution. Western countries and United Nations (UN) experts have accused Wagner’s forces of violating human rights across Africa, including in the Central African Republic, Libya and Mali. (Wagner Group)

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