PM Modi Egypt Visit: Possibility of ‘Ya’ announcement during PM Modi’s visit to Egypt; Know the importance of the visit leader

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Leaders Online Desk: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi (PM Modi) is currently on a six-day foreign tour. A tour of four days to America and two days to Egypt (Egypt Visit) is planned. The US tour has just been completed. After this visit, PM Modi has reached Egypt today. Let’s take a look at what India will benefit from his visit.

PM Modi arrived in Egypt on Saturday (24th). He will meet President Abdul Fateh Al-Sisi. It is expected that some important discussions will take place between these two great leaders in this meeting. The reason for this is that according to the information provided by the Ministry of External Affairs, the President of Egypt himself had invited PM Modi for a meeting. Visiting the friendly country of Egypt will be my first political visit, Modi had commented before leaving for the foreign tour.

India-Egypt International Relations | India-Egypt International Relations

A few days ago, the meeting of the G-20 Council (G-20) was held in Srinagar. China, Turkey and Saudi Arabia did not participate in this conference after Pakistan’s appeal. Egypt also did not participate due to the same appeal of Pakistan. So now PM’s visit to Egypt has gained special importance. It is predicted that the relationship between the two countries will further strengthen from this visit.

The President of Egypt has visited three times in the past PM Modi Egypt Visit

President Abdul Fateh was the Chief Guest on this year’s Republic Day. Earlier he had visited India in 2015 and 2016. At this time, there was a discussion between these two leaders regarding the bilateral agreement. But still Sisi was absent from the G-20 summit meeting. According to media reports, Egypt did not attend the meeting due to Pakistan’s request. Therefore, many such developments are likely to be discussed in this meeting. These talks are expected to improve international relations between India and Egypt.

How are business relations between the two countries?

The trade between the two countries is about seven billion dollars. When Al Sisi visited India in January this year, the two countries signed an agreement to increase trade from $7 billion to $12 billion. Not only this, a joint military exercise was also conducted for the first time. Egypt has shown interest in buying Tejas fighter jets, radars, military helicopters and Akash missile systems from India. Now India will buy defense products from others and export these products again to other countries. At present there are more than 30 countries in total buying defense products from India. Therefore, some business related discussions can be held in both countries during this visit.

Egypt also needs India India is very important to Egypt

Egypt can also benefit from friendly relations with India. The reason for this is that India will help Egypt a lot in the fields of education, IT, defense.

Possibility of ‘Ya’ announcement during Modi’s visit to Egypt

Egypt has been facing a shortage of foreign exchange for several days. In such a situation, this country needs India’s help. It is also likely to be announced during Prime Minister Modi’s visit.

Egypt can become an avenue for India to invest in Africa as Egypt is an active country in the politics of West Asia and Africa. In view of all these factors, it is estimated that maintaining friendly relations with the country after Prime Minister Narendra’s visit to Egypt will bring economic and political benefits.

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