Bakri Eid: No ‘Qurbani’ on Ashadhi Ekadashi; The decision of the Muslim community in Lonand leader

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Satara; Leading News Service: Ashadhi Ekadashi and the Bakri Eid festival of Muslims are coming on the same day on Thursday (29th). Therefore, the Muslim community of Lonand has decided not to perform Qurbani on the day of Ashadhi Ekadashi. A peace committee meeting was held at Lonand Police Station under the guidance of Assistant Police Inspector Vishal Waikar.

On this occasion religious prayer i.e. Eid Namaz will be offered on the day of Bakri Eid in the meeting of trustees and community members of the Muslim community. It was decided that the Qurbani program would be performed on the next two days instead of on Ashadhi Ekadashi as per religious tradition.

Maharashtra has a long tradition of Varkari sect. Ashadhi Ekadashi is a big festival of Varakras. This year Bakri Eid is also celebrated on this day. Sreesanth Dnyaneshwar Maharaj Palkhi Sohla takes place in Lonand city. At this time, the Muslim brothers here serve the Warkari brothers while maintaining social commitment. and cultivate religious harmony.

Because of this, in order to preserve this love, religious tolerance and respect each other’s traditions, the religiously important Qurbani program will be held on the day of Bakri Eid in the next two days. This decision is being welcomed and appreciated from all levels.

On this occasion, trustees of Muslim community, Muhammad Kachhi, Jabbar Patel, Qayyum Mulla, legal adviser Adv. Bablu Maner, corporator Gani Kachhi, Javid Patel, Asghar Inamdar, Mohammed Mulla, Rahid Sayyed, Ashraf Inamdar, Irfan Patel and other community members were present.

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