Goa: Portuguese era police station wall collapsed leader

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Margaon; Leading News Service: A portion of the six-feet tall ancient protective wall of Kepe police station, which is a testament to the tyrannical rule of the Portuguese and completed a hundred years ago, collapsed on Wednesday (Dec 28).

The revolutionaries who opposed the Portuguese rule were kept in the cells of the police station of Kepe. A wall about two meters high was erected to prevent them from escaping. A part of this wall has collapsed due to heavy rains for the last 24 hours.

If immediate measures are not taken in this regard, there is a possibility of complete collapse of this protective wall at any moment. The new Portuguese-era and hundred-year-old protective wall has cracked and is collapsing during heavy rains, posing a threat to traffic on the Kepe-Margaon route. Citizens have demanded immediate repair of the wall.

It is raining heavily in Kepe area. Part of the wall collapsed and fell on the road. Due to lack of traffic at that time, loss of life was avoided. The rest of the wall is collapsing. This wall of special importance is on the verge of extinction as it has not been repaired.

Coast around Kadaya

The present police station in Cape Town was earlier called Kadaya (Jail). During Portuguese times criminals as well as freedom fighters were imprisoned here. To prevent the prisoners from escaping, the Portuguese built a 6 feet embankment around Kadaya.
However, some freedom fighters managed to escape from this. As a reminder of this sacrifice, it was necessary to preserve this protective wall. Now a new five-storey well-equipped police station building is being constructed here.

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