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Grandmother; Leading News Service: An atlas containing information about the birds of Goa will be coming soon. On Tuesday, various 22 environmental organizations announced the coming together. Goa has become the second state in India after Kerala to collect such maps. Ornithological information about the distribution and abundance of birds in the state will be obtained from this map collection. (Birds Map Collection)

Famous Ornithologist and Dr. Salim Ali’s student Dr. S. Subramanya, Former Director of Bombay Natural History Society Dr. The announcement was made by Asad Rahmani and Praveen J. This process is scientific in nature. However, all people who want to contribute to bird conservation in the state can participate in this process. Common citizens, students, teachers, bird watchers, ornithologists can participate in this. The purpose of the map collection is to cover approximately 370 sq. km It is to survey the area. (Birds Map Collection)

Actual survey from 15th August

The survey will be conducted for 60 days in each season from mid-December to mid-February and mid-August to mid-October. This will provide information on long-term changes in birds in the state, standard assessment of their breeding status and seasonal patterns.

This project is led by Dr. Prannoy Baidya, Jalmesh Karapurkar and Sujeet Kumar are doing the dongre. The project is supported by State Forest Department, Goa University, State Biodiversity Board, State Wetlands Authority and Bird Count India.

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