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Grandmother; Gayatri Harnkar: The forest department has clarified that the state has a total of 3,81,385 trees as on April 30, 2023, including 1,32,243 in the north and 2,49,142 in the south district of Goa. Living Heritage Foundation filed a Public Interest Litigation in the High Court in 2021 claiming that the District Tree Authority set up under the ‘Goa Daman Diu Tree Preservation Act 1984’ was inactive. This authority also included Government Secretary, Collector, two MLAs and Forest Conservator. During the hearing on this matter, High Court Justice M. S. Javalkar and M. S. Sonak had directed the state government to hold a meeting of the tree authority once in three months and to count the trees in the state. (Trees In Goa)

As per the court’s direction, the forest department had decided to enumerate all the trees in the state from April 18, 2022. 10 teams were formed in each taluka to record trees with vernacular and scientific names. Also, 12 Deputy Conservators of Forests (DFS) and Assistant Conservators of Forests (AFS) were appointed as taluka in-charges. Also this calculation is done once in four months. (Trees In Goa)

Chief Conservator of Forest Keshav Kumar Mishra was the supervisor for Pedne, Bardesh, Dicholi, Tiswadi taluks. The teams of these taluks were led by Anisha Kalkur, Yashoda, A. Jabstein and Anand Jadhav were with sub-conservators. Dr. Conservator of Forests as supervisor for Fonda, Sattari, Dharbandoda and Sasashti. Dinesh Kannan was appointed. The teams here were led by Jeez Verki, Santosh Phadte, Raju Desai and Premkumar. So, Chief Conservator of Forest Saurabh Kumar was appointed as Supervisor for Murgaon, Sange, Kepe and Kankon. The teams there were led by Vishal Surve, Aniket Gawkar, Amar Heblekar and Damodar Salelkar. (Trees In Goa)

Taluk wise overview of trees in the state (up to August 2022)

North Goa
Pedane – 23,400
Bardesh – 24,281
Dicholi – 9,396
Tiswadi – 24,899
Fonda – 13,421
Seventy – 7,127
Total – 1,02,524

South Goa
Dharbandoda – 22,088
Sixty- 15,528
Murgaon – 19,531
Sange – 27,329
Kepe – 16,255
Kankon – 22,766
Total – 1,23,497

North and South Total – 2,26,021

(Until April 2023)

North Goa
Pedane – 34,109
Dicholi – 17,583
Seventy – 16,121
Bardes – 31,938
Tiswadi – 32,492
Total – 1,32,243

South Goa
Fonda – 20,239
Dharbandoda – 30,654
Thirty-six – 31,593
Murgaon – 35,782
Kepe – 39,700
Sange – 43,193
Kankon – 47,981
Total – 2,49,142

North and South Total – 3,81,385

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