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New Delhi, News Agency: Manchester City, a football club in England, made history on Saturday midnight. Midfielder Rodrigo Hernandez Cascante scored a goal in the 68th minute as Manchester City beat Inter Milan Football Club in Italy 1-0 to win the Champions League.

It was Manchester City’s first ever title in Europe’s prestigious competition, the Champions League. Also with this competition English Premier League and F. A. In this season, he did the trick of winning both the cup competitions. The Manchester United club in England was able to make such a triple explosion. It is special that after 24 years there has been a memorable performance from the club in England.

Chelsea beat Manchester City in the Champions League final in 2021 to win the title for the second time. This year, however, no mistake was made by Manchester City. After Rodrigo’s goal, Inter Milan tried to score.

Clubs that have won three competitions (champions league)

Manchester City, a club in England, achieved a remarkable performance by winning three competitions in one season. Previously won by Celtic in 1966-67, Ajax in 1971-72, PSV in 1987-88, Manchester United in 1998-99, Barcelona in 2008-09, Inter Milan in 2009-10, Bayern Munich in 2012-13, Barcelona in 2014- In 2015, Bayern Munich won three competitions in one season in 2019–20.

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