Daundkars wait for electric local; The railway administration forgot leader

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Ajay Kamble

Kurkumbh (Pune): The work of electrification on the railway line between Pune-Daund-Bhigwan has been completed. However, the popular electrified (electric) local service on this route has not yet started. As usual, concrete information is not given by the railway administration in this regard. The question of when exactly the local service will start is still unanswered. Therefore, the local dream of travelers and citizens is still unfulfilled.

In the 2007 railway budget, electrification of the 664 km Pune-Guntkal railway line was approved. The electrification work actually started on the year 2012. Electrification work has been completed between Pune to Daund in 2016 and Daund to Bhigwan a year and a half ago. Most of the trains are now running through electric engines instead of diesel.

Like Pune-Lonavla, there was a demand to start Pune-Daund-Bhigwan electric local in the district. Especially from Daund taluka there is great expectation for this electric local. However, the electric local is yet to come on track. No one is ready to talk about it. It is as if the local has been forgotten.

Actually, due to locality, travelers and students from Pune, Ghorpadi, Hadapsar, Manjar, Loni Kalbhor, Urli Kanchan, Yawat, Khutbaw, Kedgaon, Kadethan, Patas, Daund, Boribel, Malthan, Bhigwan, Baramati and Kashti, Srigonda, Karjat areas of Ahmednagar district. , employees, working class and citizens will get good facilities.

When the electrification work started, the railway administration needed to consider important technical issues like the design of the platform, the design of the local coaches, the distance between the tracks and the electrification poles. It is being said that local services are not being started due to serious technical issues on some of these issues. This needs attention.

Only the bogies of the trains changed; That’s all it takes

In response to the demand for electric locomotives, the railway administration introduced Diesel Multiple Unit (DMU) and Main Line Electric Multiple Unit (MEMU) trains running on diesel. Seeing the bogies of these trains, which look like locals, is satisfying. There is strong displeasure among the citizens regarding this. The new trains take the same time as the earlier diesel trains to cover Pune, Daund, Bhigwan. Passengers’ time is not saved. So the question arises that what is the benefit of electrification.

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