Kerala Cheriyanad Railway Station: Forgetting the stop at the station, the train went ahead for 1 km leader

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Thiruvananthapuram; Leaders Online: Imagine you are waiting for a train at a station. But what if that train continues without stopping? Travelers in Kerala have faced a similar situation. The announcement of the train was made. Passengers were queuing up on the platform with their luggage to board the train. The train also came but proceeded without stopping. After this panic spread among the passengers. The train had moved almost 1 km. When the loco pilot remembers that he had to stop at the previous station and we have proceeded without stopping. When the loco pilot realized his mistake, he again withdrew the train as it was and took it to the back station platform. (Kerala Cheriyanad Railway Station)

This incident took place in Alappuzha district of Kerala. The loco pilot of the Shoranur-bound Venad Express missed a stop at a small railway station called Cheryanad. Realizing that he had missed the stop, the loco pilot moved the train back about a kilometer to re-board the passengers who had stopped at the station. The incident took place around 7.45 am at Cheryanad station, a short stop between Mavelikkara and Chengannur stations. (Kerala Cheriyanad Railway Station)

Surprisingly there is no signal at Cheryanad railway station. Signals are installed only at block stations i.e. big stations or there is no station master at Cheryanad. But, this express has to stop at this station. But when the train went a kilometer further, the pilot remembered that he had to stop at the previous station. Later the train had to be backed up to Cheryanad railway station. So the train was 8 minutes behind schedule, but later the loco pilot made up for the delay on the next journey. (Kerala Cheriyanad Railway Station)

Railway officials clarified about the incident that no one faced any problem or passenger was inconvenienced after this incident. Apart from this, no complaints have been received from the passengers either. There was confusion among the passengers for some time as the train did not stop at the platform. But, after the train came back, everything went smoothly and the passengers also got relief. However, the concerned officials have said that disclosure and explanation will be sought from the loco pilot regarding the incident.

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