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Rahu (Pune), Leading News Service: A clash between the two groups over a space dispute turned into a deadly attack with the backs of each other carrying koytas. Due to the timely intervention of the villagers, a major calamity was averted. The cinestyle thriller took place between Misalwadi and Rahu Main Chowk in Rahu (T. Daund) between 1 pm on Wednesday (19). There was a large crowd of onlookers in the village as they ran away with Koyte and Sattur. Due to this thrill, an atmosphere of terror was created in the village.

According to the preliminary information received in this regard, a verbal clash between two groups turned into a big fight in Gandhinagar, which is close to Rahun, around noon due to a dispute over Gayran space. After that, they ran away with Koyta behind each other. One of them entered a hospital for rescue and showed a knife, causing panic among the doctors and patients. At this time, some youths who were nearby caught the assailant who had a knife in his hand and informed about it to village police Patil Suresh Sonwane, Rambhau Kul of Tantamukt Samiti. After the Police Patil came, they informed the Yawat Police. After some time, the Yawat police arrived at the scene and took the attackers away, as no official case has been registered in the Yawat police station, no further information is available in this regard.

Since Rahu village has a weekly market, after such an incident in broad daylight, there is a fearful atmosphere among the villagers, and there is a demand for police action. Meanwhile, both the respective families are living in Rahu for livelihood and peaceful citizens have expressed their reaction that the image of Rahu village is being tarnished for no reason due to the people from outside the village. Police sources informed that a complaint is being lodged in this regard.

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