ODI World Cup 2023 : World Cup Qualifier Tournament From Today; Zimbabwe host | leader

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Leaders Online: The one-day World Cup 2023 tournament to be held in India is drawing to a close, and the qualifying round for this tournament will be played in Zimbabwe from today. Ten teams including former world champions Sri Lanka and West Indies are participating in this tournament. The opening match will be played between hosts Zimbabwe and Nepal at 12:30 PM. (ODI World Cup 2023)

Apart from India, England, Australia, New Zealand, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh and South Africa have qualified directly for the 2023 ODI World Cup. Now there are 10 teams contending for the remaining two seats. The qualifying round will be played between these 10 teams from June 18 to July 9. (ODI World Cup 2023)

A total of 10 teams are participating in the ICC 2023 Cricket World Cup qualifiers and a total of 34 matches will be played. Actually, eight teams qualified directly for the main event of the ODI World Cup. Now 10 teams will compete in the qualifying round for the remaining two spots. These include Zimbabwe, West Indies, Netherlands, Sri Lanka, Ireland, Scotland, Oman, Nepal, USA and UAE. These teams are divided into two groups. West Indies, Zimbabwe, Netherlands, Nepal and America have been placed in Group ‘A’. Whereas Sri Lanka, Ireland, Scotland, Oman and UAE have been placed in ‘B’ group. (ODI World Cup 2023)

Format of Qualifying Round:

  • Firstly, the teams from both the groups will play one match each against the remaining teams present in their respective groups. A total of 20 matches will be played in the group stage till June 27. After this, the top-3 teams from both the groups will join for a place in the Super-6.
  • Super-6 matches will start from June 29. In the Super-6 stage, all teams will play matches against the teams they did not play against in the group stage. This is where the teams will fight for the final round.
  • Both the teams that reach the finals will qualify for the World Cup. Both teams will finish 9th and 10th in the World Cup.

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