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Dinesh Gupta:

Pune : Adv. Sunil Gokhale was also opposed. His fight stopped only when he said goodbye to the world. But, other members have now taken the matter to court. Adv. Even Sunil Gokhale was not satisfied with the ongoing affairs of the organization. To save the banyan tree as an institution raised by Namdar Gokhale, he appealed to the central government against the current secretary of the organization, Milind Deshmukh. He had demanded that Deshmukh’s property should be investigated. Even then, it is said that pressure was put on him to withdraw the complaint. After fighting against the management of the organization, he said goodbye to the world and his fight stopped. After that, the matter went to the court as the work started in the organization as desired.

Although Servants of India Society has branches all over the country, the headquarters of the organization is in Pune. As the assets worth crores were handed over, preparations were started to have like-minded people in the organization and the office bearers were successful in it. When Milind Deshmukh was a member of the organization, the then president R. G. Kakade did it. It was alleged that Deshmukh took advantage of Kakade’s old age as soon as he occupied the chief post in the organization and took advantage of Kakade’s ‘meaningful’ transactions to gain control over the organization. At that time, R. of Nagpur branch. V. Neve protested and tried to complain about it. Due to this, it is said that Neve was deliberately harassed by withholding his salary. As the other members were from outside Maharashtra, they could not pay attention to the organization. Taking advantage of this, it was also objected that the financial coffers of the organization continued to be emptied at will.

Recruitment drive
When he realized that if other people from Maharashtra become members of the organization, he would not be able to work according to his heart, Deshmukh made a plan so that his own house congregation should be with him. His brother-in-law Sagar Kale was made a member, while his sister Rashmi Sawant was appointed as legal advisor. Later he appointed his own son Chinmoy Deshmukh as manager.

Gokhale’s heirs Sarkardarbari
Sunil Gokhale studied the affairs of Secretary Deshmukh and wrote an application seeking an inquiry into the allegation of accumulation of wealth in excess of the society’s remuneration. Unfortunately, Sunil Gokhale died suddenly and the fight he started stopped for now. However, it is understood that the movement to resurface the fight that remained at that time has started.

‘Maya’ of the land
Although the various branches of the organization throughout the country were independent, the members of each branch joined hands and collected money from the sale of land there. It also suppressed land misappropriation at Allahabad in Uttar Pradesh and alleged loss of a large amount of the institute’s property. Ashimchandra Tripathi, who had raised his voice in this case, was taken in hand to make his son a member of the organization. In many such misdeeds, Deshmukh took the initiative and continued the administration by showing fear of court and law to other members. Senior member Atmanand Mishra was said to be fighting a court battle to stop all these types.

Ranade Trust 16 acre land case in High Court, Fraud based on fake signature!
While the Ranade Trust is a support and donation organization to the Servants of India Society, R. G. There are objections that Kakade’s old age was taken advantage of. A blank letterhead was signed by Kakade and then text was prepared on it as per convenience. The members of the Ranade Trust have complained to the police that Secretary Milind Deshmukh along with his brother-in-law Sagar Kale had cheated the Ranade Trust by forging the signature of the then President of the Servants of India Society to grab 16 acres of land in the Ranade Trust. Despite doing wrong, Deshmukh tried to suppress that complaint. Therefore, the member of Ranade Trust had to approach the High Court.

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