Gadhinglaj : Bhadgaon bridge under water; Direct communication with Chandgarh was lost leader

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Gadhinglaj; Leading News Service: Due to continuous flow in the Western Ghats, the water level of Hiranikesi has continued to rise. On Sunday night, the Bhadgaon Bridge on Hiranyakesi on the Chandgarh National Highway was submerged and the traffic was stopped at this place. Due to this, the direct communication with Chandgarh taluka along with the villages in the east has been cut off. Meanwhile, the embankment between Ainapur, Nilji and Ghataprabha river on Hiranyakeshi between Tawarewadi and Kandewadi is still under water and the traffic here remains closed.

The taluka continued to receive heavy rain on Sunday. Heavy rain fell during the day. Due to heavy rainfall in the western belt including the source area, the water level of Hiranikesi has continued to rise. The traffic on Kolhapur system Ainapur, Nilji and Kandewadi dams has remained closed for three days. The traffic of the villages in the western part of Ajra taluka through Ainapur dam is running through alternative route while the traffic of villages in Nilji area is running through Jarli. During the day on Sunday, the villages on the Chandgarh route were agitated as the water level near the Bhadgaon bridge increased. The water level of Ghataprabha has also continued to rise, and due to the closure of the Kandevadi dam, direct communication with the villages in the Sambar area has been stopped, and their transportation is being carried out through alternative routes.

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