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Dubai: Almost every person around the world dreams of becoming rich. Now if there is poverty, at least there should be a roof over the head, so much is expected. The poor want sandals on their feet, while the rich want their shoes to be studded with diamonds. They want more than what they have. However, if a rich person complains more about his own life, it is natural to be perplexed. Recently, a millionaire’s wife came as a surprise to everyone when she revealed the problem of her luxurious life.

The name of this woman is Linda Andrade, who lives in Dubai and calls herself Origin Dubai Housewife on social media. Recently she said that my husband is a millionaire. They always give expensive clothes, shoes, handbags as gifts. But, I always have the fear that these things will be stolen. So all my time is spent in taking care of all these things.

Now Lyndra’s problem is that despite everything, her main concern is not to steal it instead of enjoying it.

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