India ranks second in the world in coconut production leader

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Raigad; Suyog Angre: The Coconut Development Board has taken the initiative to encourage coconut cultivation in non-traditional areas in Maharashtra. About 29 thousand 61 hectares of coconut was cultivated in Konkan. Coconut cultivation is very less compared to the available area. India is second in the world in coconut production.

  • There is a research center on 100 acres at Palghar to increase coconut cultivation in Maharashtra.
  • 16 varieties from home and abroad have been cultivated in this place.
  • 70 for tall growing plant from government farm and 95 for thengu variety.
  • Banawali and Pratap, developed through selection from it, are two varieties recommended for Maharashtra.
  • The aim of the board is to make the country self-sufficient in terms of coconut production. Due to the same reason, coconut is being promoted in non-traditional sectors as well.

Coconut Industry at a Glance

Currently, coconuts are grown in 92 countries. In Asia, Indonesia, Philippines, India and Sri Lanka are leading countries in productivity.

  • India ranks second in coconut production, Maharashtra eleventh in the country. The state ranks seventh in terms of income.
  • Area under coconut in Maharashtra: 33 thousand 426 acres
  • Coconut production: 175.10 million coconuts
  • Average yield per hectare in India: 7747
  • Production per hectare in Maharashtra: 8383
  • Currently tall growing varieties in India yield from sixth to 82 years after planting. Tengane variety lives for 40 to 50 years and bears fruit from fourth year.
  • The tall growing variety yields nuts, coconuts, oil, as well as chips and other by-products. Karvanti powder is also in demand globally.

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